The New Threat Facing Casinos Today

Casinos are now facing a different threat these days. These threats are not the usual players complaining about the rigged payoff on slot machines nor do they include the sudden power cuts in casinos. The new threat that faces casino worldwide is RSI.

RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is the newest hazard that threatens to hurt the gaming industry more than outright robbery. RSI is the condition of any type of muscle/s that have been over worked or overused in a specific repetitive action. The most common type of RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome that affects office works who spend too much time typing on the keyboard or guitarists who constantly play the guitar. In the case of casino players, it could be the hand and arm that players use to pull the handle on the slot machines or those who continuously slam their palms on the slot's PLAY NOW button.

Other types of injuries related to RSI would be neck, upper and lower back injury which points at the poor posture adopted by slot machine players.

Casino operators have taken a second look at this risk factor and how it would affect normal day to day operations. If a player spends a whole day gambling but is incapacitated the following days due to RSI, then the casino is on the losing end. It would be better for the casino to do what it can to make the players stay not only comfortable but safe as well for they know a satisfied and healthy customer is always a repeat customer.

Most casinos have removed the old style slot machines where a player has to stand for hours on end to play. Slot machines now are comfortably designed so that the players active arm can be rested on padded sections of the chair. The chairs themselves have undergone changes so that it offers players a comfortable yet proper way to correct ones posture. All of these changes are done in the hope that the player would spend countless more hours at the slot machine.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures are not the whole responsibility for casino owners but players themselves have to take measures to protect themselves.

Eye Strain One of the biggest sources of fatigue lies with the players eyestrain. Continuous staring into a video monitor can put a large amount of strain on the eyes. Players are advised to look away from the screen every once in a while.

Posture For slot players, this is a crucial rule to follow. Players should sit with feet flat on the floor and avoid slouching.

Neck and Shoulders For people playing table games or tabletop machines, one has the tendency to look down while those who play in an upright machine look upwards. Prolonged postures tend to bring neck and shoulder pains. Players are advised slowly rotate the head in different directions and rotate the shoulder blades counterclockwise and clockwise directions to relieve the tired muscles.

RSI in not just limited to casino players but to everyone who works in offices and even home based workers. Simple exercises everyday can dramatically help reduce the chances for RSI.

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