The Lowdown On Jumper Horses

Every horse aficionado know that horse jumping calls for horses to be in their peak to handle the physical demands of the sport.

For the rider, jump races requires total concentration and cooperation on the part of the horse. It is one sport that need the total synchronization of rider and horse to pull of the course.

Jump courses is not an ordinary jump-over-the-rock course but it needs riders to see the course in advance and plan how to physically attack the course. Jump racing is more of a rhythmn type sort where one has to plan the strides to a beat when making the jumps or else the horse and rider would be injured.

Sports betting in jump races are usually straight forward a loss or win but the spread bet can be added for some cases where it is a team event can the bet be considered. Combination bets may include the number of obstacles hit against the time factor.

Success factors

What makes horse jump events successful? Factors such as the riding of lines, the jump offs and the distance runs are all crucial in a the race. Players that can successfully navigate thru the course are given perfect scores and no minus points where as hitting a fence or barrier by the rear hooves merit a loss of points. The more number of faults or points deducted not only lower ones score but also lowers ones ranking as well. The mire mistakes, the more downgraded the horse is in the game. This is why so much emphasis is based on the rhythm. Without it, horses cannot find the right jump point.

A normal course consists of a minimum of 8 gates. A jump off course is a course that has fewer fences than the normal jumping course. In the game, penalty points are deducted if a horse doesn't jump at the required gate or obstacle. If the tandem finish the course in more than the time allotted, they incur more penalty losses. Riders who are near the race course have the advantage of seeing how the course is laid out and how to tackle the obstacles.

Class Sections

The classes are divided into different sub groups such as amateurs, juniors, and others, For hose that fall under the amateurs, the owners of the horses must be ridden by amateur jockeys only. For juniors, the horses can be ridden by jockeys under the legal age. School jumpers are horse that are ridden by anyone regardless of age.

In the jump course, style of the horse does not count. It is the physical exertion that makes the horse clear the obstacles that count. A good jump is a good point. A bad jump is a lost point. Courses are normally designed for different classes but it is not uncommon for the classes to share the same course in practice or in actual competition.

Horse jumping is a great sport that requires the dedication of the rider and of the horse.

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